United Way Impact Fund
impactFund.png The best, most effective vehicle to create meaningful change for our most vulnerable populations is United Way's Impact Fund which drives three key objectives: meeting basic needs, moving individuals and families to financial stability and building success in school and life. Your support of the impact fund will help tackle our communities most critical issues including providing critical funding for United Way's 211 24/7 hotline, connecting those at risk with services that can help. The Impact Fund also puts your donation back to work in the community through the highest performing, most effective programs and agency partners who address critical needs and work to unlock the possibility of a better life for those who are struggling.
MEETING  Basic Needs
UW_CampaignSite_Meeting_v1.jpgHelp people access critical human needs such as shelter, safety and food. Your support will connect people at times of crisis to immediate, essential human needs, preventing suffering and preserving human dignity.
MOVING  to Financial Stability
UW_CampaignSite_Moving_v1.jpgHelp create a path to a more financially secure future. Your support will help remove barriers for people of all abilities to secure meaningful employment and help families gain a financial foothold by overcoming challenges of childcare, transportation and budget planning.
BUILDING  Success in School and Life
UW_CampaignSite_Building_v1.jpgEnsure children are prepared to start school with confidence and the right tools and resources. Your support will help address disparities -that often fall along racial lines-in educational opportunities from early childhood through school years to help young people become successful adults.

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